Are you a pioneer in your sphere of influence?   

In your region or in your community? 


This is NOT another conference, but it’s where the INFLUENCERS will gather! It’s where power, creativity, and strategy will collide for implementation and execution!  


For three inciting days in January, several of the country’s leading INFLUENCERS will converge upon Atlanta together with the purpose of equipping, edifying and providing effective strategies to other emerging influencers. INFLUENCER, you should be here.


The ultimate INFLUENCER, Dr. Travis Jennings, a trailblazer, and 21st-century reformer, spearheads this global gathering. He’s an author, entrepreneur, executive producer, philanthropist, life-coach, husband, and father. Apostle Jennings has personally sold thousands of books globally and through wisdom and coaching, he’s guided the careers and launching of other new authors and new entrepreneurs. INFLUENCER, you should be here.    


Apostle Jennings is also a highly sought-after orator whom many will corroborate, that the status of their lives changed significantly after encountering his inspirational, revelatory, thought-provoking, and life-changing messages. He’s produced several musical projects and has launched the careers of music artists, actors, and actresses or he’s helped change the trajectory of their careers in some way. INFLUENCER you should be here.   


Honored by the state of Georgia, the city of Atlanta and the city of Lithonia for his philanthropic efforts, Dr. Jennings is armed with apostolic insight and he’s compiled a revolutionary summit designed to prepare emerging change-agents for the coming future as it relates to government, business, media, arts and entertainment, church, education, and family. INFLUENCER, you should be here.

With over 26 years in ministry, while cultivating a successful 20-year marriage, and raising five beautiful children, Dr. Travis Jennings, the ultimate INFLUENCER has overcome insurmountable odds. He has notable touch points and documented successes in relatively every segment society represented.  INFLUENCER, you should be here!  

Are you cutting-edge and creative?

Are you a solutionist?

Are you strategic and innovative?


Someone who possesses the power to produce an effect (or change) without the exertion of force.

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